God, Self & Other – Luke 35 – Full Prophet Mode

As tension with the Pharisees intensifies, Jesus steps more fully into his prophetic role – warning of impending disaster for those who refuse to repent of their present religious and political allegiances. But to be understood, these warnings (and assurances) must be heard in their proper context. In this episode we practice interpreting such passages […]

God, Self & Other – Luke 34 – Beware Loveless Piety

Jesus accepts the dinner invitation of a prominent Pharisee – a meeting that immediately erupts in scandal, as Jesus forgoes the ritual washing expected by his host. It leads to Jesus declaring a series of “woes” – like those of the early Hebrew prophets – condemning the Pharisees for dedicating such energy to the tiniest […]

God, Self & Other – Luke 33 – An Evil Generation?

    At first reading, it seems we have met a different Jesus! The preacher of grace and welcome has become a prophet of condemnation, declaring such things as: “Whoever is not with me is against me,” and, “This generation is an evil generation…” How do we explain this change in tone? Why the threats […]