COME TO ITALY: A Church & Art History Tour!

From Pompeii to Florence, join me for trip of a lifetime as we explore the history of the church through the art, architecture and culture of Italy! Few experiences touch my soul like the joy of travel, the beauty of art and standing¬†in the presence of history. ¬†To see a Roman city (Pompeii) as Paul […]

God, Self & Other – Luke 22: Stealing Grace? (Jesus Heals a Woman with a Hemorrhage)

      The first step of faith is deciding if we want anything to do with Jesus. The second step is wondering of Jesus wants anything to do with us. At some point we recognize that the depth of Jesus’s compassion is directly related to our desperate need for help, forgiveness and acceptance. And […]

God, Self & Other – Luke 21: The Kingdom Invades New Lands

    The gospel is ultimately the story of a king reclaiming his throne. In this passage we have Jesus and his allies crossing a body of water to land on foreign shores. The story includes the miracle of calming a storm and casting out demons. But the significance of what happens is very much […]

God, Self & Other – Luke 20: Interpreting Parables and the Story of a Sower

    Parables were one of Jesus’s primary tools for teaching, and yet they are easily and often misunderstood. In this episode we look at the genre of parable and how it differs from other literary devices (e.g., metaphor, analogy, etc.). We then apply our interpretive skills to the so-called “Parable of the Sower” and […]