Loving God 201, Part 6: An Easy Way to Pray -The Daily Office

What if I told you, you could build a life of meaningful connection to God in a matter of minutes a day?  Really!  I know it sounds like a cheap hook for a diet pill, but it happens in this case to be true.  You can build a habit of prayer in minutes a day by using […]

Loving God 201, Part 5: Fifth Rule of the Spiritual Life

 Jesus said the way to be first is to be last; the way to life abundantly is to die to self; and the way to maturity is to become like a little child. In this episode we examine the Fifth Rule of the Spiritual Life: Let God be Your Father. One of the greatest challenges […]

Loving God 201, Part 4: Fourth Rule of the Spiritual Life

Ever since Plato, it has been tempting to equate “spiritual” with “ideal” – to imagine that spiritual growth is a way out of the pains and sufferings and frustrations of life. And many a well-intentioned person has taken up the life of prayer in the hope of transcendence (escape?). But perfection does not belong to […]