Loving God 301, Part 14: The Lord’s Prayer

Given the centrality of the psalms in Hebrew worship, it is strange that Jesus’s disciples would ask for instruction in prayer; and yet they do. What follows is famously known as “The Lord’s Prayer,” and while it’s familiarity makes it seem quite formal and placid, the contents would have been highly provocative to Jesus’s audience. […]

Loving God 301, Part 13: God’s Response – Psalm 91

Does God respond to our prayers? For most of us the answer feels to be “no.” Or at least we feel no sense direct communication. We may see a change in circumstances that we attribute to God. Or we may have a sense of subtle direction.  But a clear, direct response? That seems like it never comes. In […]

Loving God 301, Part 12: Pleading for Help – Psalm 86

What do we do when all seems lost? What action remains when our energy has been exhausted, our resources drained and the danger comes from elements far beyond our control? What remains is to pray. To come before the source of all power and goodness and ask for help. Indeed the first demonstration of goodness is […]