The Difficulty of Believing in a Truly Loving God – Luke, Part 18

Love is hard to believe. For all our longing for love, all of our hope that love wins…, to actually trust in love when it is offered is incredibly difficult, especially when the offer comes from God. In this episode we look at Jesus’s encounter with a notorious “sinner” and the lesson it offers in […]

God, Self & Other – Luke 16: Jesus and Christian Ethics (Sermon on the Plain, Part 2)

Jesus is often misunderstood as teaching a moral system – a new vision of right and wrong that will be more pleasing to God. But to hear him in this way is to miss the greater point of his message. In this episode we explore Jesus’s famous “Sermon on the Plain” (Luke 6) and how […]

God, Self & Other – Luke 15: Blessings and Woes (Sermon on the Plain, Part 1)

Reminiscent of the Sermon on the Mount (in Matthew’s Gospel), in this episode we arrive at Jesus’s “Sermon on the Plain” in Luke. ¬†Once again, Jesus opens with a series of “beatitudes” (blessings), that are difficult to interpret. What are we to make of Jesus’s declaration that the poor and hungry are “blessed”? (Poverty and […]