Jesus at 7PM – Live Audience Q&A in Irvine, CA

Honest answers to sincere questions are essential to the work of love. ¬†Indeed the lessons that have been most formative in my spiritual life have not come from books and lectures (important though they are!), but from the candid conversations that came at the cafe or in the parking lot after the formal lesson was […]

Define “Devil”

Been teaching a very fun introductory course on the Gospels, which in turn has provoked some excellent questions from the class. ¬†This one came up the other day – after an examination of Jesus’ ministry of casting out demons – and I thought I’d share. I was curious how the original Greek Bible described “the […]

Heart, Soul, (Mind) and Strength?

Why is it in the OT, the commandment reads: “You shall love the LORD your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your might,” but the NT quotes Jesus by adding the word “mind”? “Might” would seem to indicate “whole-hearted effort,” while mind seems to indicate a more philosophical response. Is there more to the story?