Losing Faith, and Finding God after “God”

Doubt, true doubt (not the mere intellectual variety, but the deep questioning an agonized soul), is one of the most painful and most necessary aspects of the life of faith. All the great saints have been through it. From Augustine in his Confessions to St. John of the Cross’s Dark Night of the Soul,┬áthe church […]

Loving God 401, Part 10: Day in the Life of a Regular Saint

In this conclusion to our study classical Christian┬áspiritual formation, we take all practices we have learned so far and put them together to get a picture of a typical day-in-the-life of one growing to maturity in Christ. What we discover is that the work of spiritual discipline is rarely burdensome nor heroic, and one need […]

Loving God 401, Part 9: Spiritual Direction

A personal trainer for the soul? Every great athlete has a coach, every great artist a teacher, and every great saint a mentor, “confessor” or spiritual director. And while most of us are not striving for formal “sainthood,” we can all benefit from some formal spiritual direction. In this episode we explore the a bit […]