Italy 2015: The Good-for-Your-Soul Tour!

Art, History, Wine and Naps…

Because love is the name of the game!

Too often we think of “spiritual discipline” in terms of austerity and self-denial.  And while there is a place for that, there are also times we need to take in some of the best things in life – to recharge our batteries, renew our creativity and be reminded of our call to make our unique contribution to God’s good world (how very Renaissance of me!).

After many years of dreaming, I finally managed to recruit two of my closest friends (an art historian and an architect/one-who-taught-me-the-true-love-of-Italian-wine+food) to join me in hosting an event to do just this.  And where better to go to renew our souls than Italy?!?

Our plan is basically an art and church history tour – tracing the history of the church from the 1st century through the Renaissance – with lots of attention paid to soaking in the same culture that led so many to do their best work in Italy (i.e., great food, great wine and lots of time to wander or just rest).

Historic Sites Include: 

  • Pompeii (to experience life in a Roman city as the early church would have known it)
  • Ancient Rome (the Colosseum, Forum… to get a sense of the Empire at it’s height)
  • St. Peter’s Basilica & Sistine Chapel (as we turn our attention towards the Renaissance)
  • Florence’s Baptistry Doors and Duomo (where the Renaissance began)
  • The Uffizzi  & Academia Museums (finest collections of Renaissance art in the world)

 And to Further Nurture Your Soul:

  • Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast (about as beautiful at it gets)
  • The Island of Capri (see “beauty” above)
  • Tuscany (wine tasting included!)
  • Time Each Day for Whatever You Want (it’s vacation!)

We will have some professional guides for the key sites, but each of us (trip leaders) will also offer our expertise at each of our stops, as well as offering our own side trips during our “down time” (for anyone who wants to go).  We’ll have time at meals for questions and conversation, as well as just plain hanging out.

Take a minute to check out the full itinerary or meet the leaders of the trip (Ask questions at any time.)

Ready for the trip of a lifetime?  SIGN UP HERE! 

Then start check out our best suggestions for reading and listening to get you ready to take it all in.  



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