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Kirk, Michelle and Robert!

Kirk, Michelle and Robert!

Kirk Winslow

Along with his wife, spends the majority of his time eating, drinking, talking, praying, thinking and reveling in the good life with the Raitt and Puertas families.  If he wasn’t a pastor, he’d be a European tour guide in a heartbeat!  Just try getting him out of the Uffizi!  (Hint:  Cappuccino, Brunello and/or gelato are your best bet….)


Michelle Raitt

While embarrassingly young, has been teaching art history for decades.  Incredibly knowledgeable in European art and history (also teaches French!), she is one of the finest guides anywhere to the great museums.  Having led many student trips to Italy and France, she is an experienced traveler and tour guide.  Her insights on the relationship between art, history, God, love and joy will enrich your life forever!  Seriously…go on this trip for no other reason than to let Michelle teach you the glories of fine art.


Robert Puertas

Though a Berkeley (don’t hold it against him) trained architect, his greatest gift is hospitality.  You will find no one more dedicated to welcoming you, feeding you and handing you the wine you didn’t know you loved, than Robert.  (He’s the one who insisted on down time in Tuscany – refused to go otherwise! – and will ensure that vacation doesn’t become a forced march.)  He is also – by the by – a very accomplished race car driver who’s led more than a few trips to Europe for car enthusiasts who want to see them built and then drive them on the track.  If you think there is such a thing as drive-able art (and there is!), Robert’s a pretty good guide to that as well!

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