COME TO ITALY: A Church & Art History Tour!

From Pompeii to Florence, join me for trip of a lifetime as we explore the history of the church through the art, architecture and culture of Italy! Few experiences touch my soul like the joy of travel, the beauty of art and standing in the presence of history.  To see a Roman city (Pompeii) as Paul […]

Loving God 401, Part 2: Attrait – Finding Your Spiritual Personality Type

Church traditions, regardless of whether than have a clear denominational affiliation (e.g., the Presbyterians, Lutherans, Baptists…) not, tend to have a set of “disciplines” they believe are most critical to making progress towards maturity and are often unaware that there are other schools of thought. Turn up at one congregation and there will be emphasis galore on Bible […]

Loving God 401, Part 1: “Proficiency” and “Rule”

In this final set of sermons on the classical tradition of spiritual formation, we turn to our attention to creating an individualized set of practices that can guide us to maturity in Christ (known as “Rule” or a “rule of life”).  This is what we will develop over the next 10 sermons. We begin with […]

Loving God 301, Part 14: The Lord’s Prayer

Given the centrality of the psalms in Hebrew worship, it is strange that Jesus’s disciples would ask for instruction in prayer; and yet they do. What follows is famously known as “The Lord’s Prayer,” and while it’s familiarity makes it seem quite formal and placid, the contents would have been highly provocative to Jesus’s audience. […]