Loving God 401, Part 10: Day in the Life of a Regular Saint

In this conclusion to our study classical Christian spiritual formation, we take all practices we have learned so far and put them together to get a picture of a typical day-in-the-life of one growing to maturity in Christ. What we discover is that the work of spiritual discipline is rarely burdensome nor heroic, and one need […]

Loving God 401, Part 9: Spiritual Direction

A personal trainer for the soul? Every great athlete has a coach, every great artist a teacher, and every great saint a mentor, “confessor” or spiritual director. And while most of us are not striving for formal “sainthood,” we can all benefit from some formal spiritual direction. In this episode we explore the a bit […]

Loving God 401, Part 8: The Upward Spiral

Genuine hardship is an essential part of the work of maturity in the Christian life. And one of the most damaging fallacies of pop-Christianity is that experiences of distance from God, isolation and aridity are signs of regression (or as my tradition so often refers to them: “back-sliding”). One need look no further than to Jesus’s […]