God, Self & Other – Luke 26: Whoever Is Not Against Us…

Who is really doing the work of the kingdom? Is it those who profess faith in Jesus? Is it the professing and pious? Those who work wonders in his name? Jesus’s answer is, once again…unexpected. And it – joyfully! – opens new door for our own work of love and for partnering with others. It […]

God, Self & Other – Luke 25: Peak Jesus (The Transfiguration)

It is tempting in the life of faith to seek “mountain top” experiences – those moments when we feel nearly at one with God and alive with passion. We get the sense in those moments that we are being truly “spiritual” (which is the goal, right?…wait, is it?). In this episode we travel to a […]

God, Self & Other – Luke 24: Releasing the Fantasy of Easy Victory

      At last Jesus’s disciples seem to be understanding him! Jesus asks his inner circle: “Who do you say that I am?” And Peter responds for the team: “The Messiah of God!” Finally, Jesus’s full identity is being recognized!…except that Jesus then admonishes Peter et al to tell this to no one; and […]