God, Self & Other – Luke 20: Interpreting Parables and the Story of a Sower

    Parables were one of Jesus’s primary tools for teaching, and yet they are easily and often misunderstood. In this episode we look at the genre of parable and how it differs from other literary devices (e.g., metaphor, analogy, etc.). We then apply our interpretive skills to the so-called “Parable of the Sower” and […]

Women, Fishermen, Sinners, Tax Collectors and at Least One Murderer, I.E., The Future Leaders of Christ’s Church! – Love in Luke, Part 19

    Notice that Jesus never travels alone – strange behavior for a 1st century Jewish holy man/prophet. Even more…unexpected…is the crowd with whom Jesus surrounds himself.  Many are not known for their “holiness” (being sinners, drunkards and tax collectors). And a few have an even greater disqualifying element of their person  they are women! (Oh…and don’t […]

The Difficulty of Believing in a Truly Loving God – Luke, Part 18

Love is hard to believe. For all our longing for love, all of our hope that love wins…, to actually trust in love when it is offered is incredibly difficult, especially when the offer comes from God. In this episode we look at Jesus’s encounter with a notorious “sinner” and the lesson it offers in […]