Church Hist. (Modern), Part 5: Darwin, Fundamentalism and the Challenge of New Ideas

As we conclude this series in modern church history, we examine the intellectual challenges that confronted the church in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.  Perhaps the most obvious of these was the rapid progress of scientific discovery – things like James Hutton’s work in geology (radically redefining the age of the universe) and […]

Reports of Everyone’s Persecution Are Greatly Exaggerated

I just finished listening to Tom Ashbrook’s interview with several leaders of this weekend’s Reason Rally in Washington DC (what some organizers are calling the largest gathering of atheists…ever).  And what struck me about the interview were the repeated statements by the interviewees of the need for emotional support and encouragement.  They rallied in Washington […]

Church Hist. (Modern), Part 4: The Wesleys and American Pietism

It would be nearly impossible to overestimate the impact of John and Charles Wesley on contemporary American Protestantism.  From the hymns we sing, to the small groups we attend, to the empowerment of the laity to teach and preach, to the eventual ordination of women into professional ministry, the Wesleys – and the Methodist tradition […]