COME TO ITALY: A Church & Art History Tour!

From Pompeii to Florence, join me for trip of a lifetime as we explore the history of the church through the art, architecture and culture of Italy! Few experiences touch my soul like the joy of travel, the beauty of art and standing in the presence of history.  To see a Roman city (Pompeii) as Paul […]

Love at the Center

…when all is said and done, I have found no other explanation for the world as I know it – in all its beauty, complexity, pain, and hope – than the vision of love that I believe stands at the center of the biblical story…

A Blog Is Born…

…as best I can, I hope to make this a blog about what I’d say about the Christian life at 2AM – the straight story as I see it.

If you want to ask a question, I’ll do my best to answer it. Otherwise, the plan is to cover as many bases as I can: the Bible, theology, church history, ethics, the life of spiritual formation…whatever else comes up.