Did Jesus Love or Love On…?

Kirk’s Question of the Day: What do you think of Christian language of loving “on” people (“…we just need to love on____”). It seemed to fade there for a while, but has recently been making quite a comeback (must have heard it 2 dozen times in the last 10 days). For my part, I’m not […]

Church Hist. (Modern), Part 3: Revivalism and the First Great Awakening

The religious zeal that marked the first Puritan colonies was destined to wane.  As new generations were born, and new waves of settlers arrived, new priorities and visions of the good life began to take shape.  Many professed a Christian faith and had connection to the church, but not with the same rigor as those […]

My Only Comfort (Sermon) – Ash Wednesday 2012

Why I hate Ash Wednesday, the illegality of death in Irvine, and the comfort of Psalm 23.