Church Hist. (Modern), Part 2: From Europe to the New World

The Reformation gave birth not to a solitary Protestantism, but to a wide variety of Protestantisms.  (The Reformers came to quick agreement that the Bible – and not the traditions or authorities of the Catholic Church – was the ultimate arbiter of truth.  What they could not agree upon was what the Bible intended to […]

Church Hist. (Modern), Part 1: From Protest to ‘ism

When Martin Luther nailed his 95 theses outside the door of the campus church in Wittenberg, he had no intention of dividing the Catholic Church.  But within a decade of that event, such acts of protest had gained irreversible momentum, and  “Protestantism” was officially born. Throughout the 16th century new church governments were formed, new […]

Gospels, Part 5: Jesus, Prophet of the Kingdom

One of the greatest challenges to understanding the message of Jesus is knowing how to categorize him as a speaker.  When those first audiences gathered, who did they think they were going to hear?   A teacher?  A philosopher?  A political leader?  Or something else? In this fifth installment in the Next Steps into the Gospels course […]