COME TO ITALY: A Church & Art History Tour!

From Pompeii to Florence, join me for trip of a lifetime as we explore the history of the church through the art, architecture and culture of Italy! Few experiences touch my soul like the joy of travel, the beauty of art and standing in the presence of history.  To see a Roman city (Pompeii) as Paul […]

God, Self & Other – Luke 01: Love in the Beginning

Love is the name of the game. It is the purpose behind creation, the goal of life and the greatest of all commandments.  In this episode we begin an extensive look at love in practice – love of God, self and other (indeed even of enemy) as displayed in the life of Jesus. Our guide […]

Loving God 401, Part 10: Day in the Life of a Regular Saint

In this conclusion to our study classical Christian spiritual formation, we take all practices we have learned so far and put them together to get a picture of a typical day-in-the-life of one growing to maturity in Christ. What we discover is that the work of spiritual discipline is rarely burdensome nor heroic, and one need […]

Loving God 401, Part 9: Spiritual Direction

A personal trainer for the soul? Every great athlete has a coach, every great artist a teacher, and every great saint a mentor, “confessor” or spiritual director. And while most of us are not striving for formal “sainthood,” we can all benefit from some formal spiritual direction. In this episode we explore the a bit […]