And by “Love,” I Mean…Love: Definition of Agape

The love of God is a love of deep affection, of raw connection and enduring attachment. The love of God is the real deal. And I think we must grasp this in order to know how completely we have been embraced. And also to know the depth of the work to which we are called. For if we are called to love our enemies – not merely do not hate them, do make moral choices where they are concerned, to act with regard, but to love as God has loved us – then we can do with nothing less than a transformation of the heart. And suddenly we see with new clarity the work of spiritual maturity that lies before us.

Podcast Returns!

After a year away – and with10,000 apologies to listeners – the podcast is back! It has been a crazy 12 months, building a “fresh expression” of the church in Irvine, CA.  But with the help of an amazing team, Canvas is now up and running – and inviting everyone to make their unique contribution to […]

Love at the Center

…when all is said and done, I have found no other explanation for the world as I know it – in all its beauty, complexity, pain, and hope – than the vision of love that I believe stands at the center of the biblical story…