COME TO ITALY: A Church & Art History Tour!

From Pompeii to Florence, join me for trip of a lifetime as we explore the history of the church through the art, architecture and culture of Italy! Few experiences touch my soul like the joy of travel, the beauty of art and standing in the presence of history.  To see a Roman city (Pompeii) as Paul […]

Loving God 401, Part 8: The Upward Spiral

Genuine hardship is an essential part of the work of maturity in the Christian life. And one of the most damaging fallacies of pop-Christianity is that experiences of distance from God, isolation and aridity are signs of regression (or as my tradition so often refers to them: “back-sliding”). One need look no further than to Jesus’s […]

Loving God 401, Part 7: Who’s Voice Is That? – The “Discernment of Spirits”

How do you know when God is talking? There are some people who claim to hear the voice of God constantly – in every impulse they have, every chance event or random encounter. And others who have never had an inkling of divine communication. The classical tradition says that neither of these pictures is accurate. It […]

Loving God 401, Part 6: Finding Your Inner Mystic (a Look at the Apophatic-Affective Dimension of Spirituality)

Is it possible to have an unmediated experience of God? A direct encounter with the divine that transcends any use of the senses or even the intellect? The classical answer is –  yes!  And its pursuit is the goal of the mystic tradition (an element of the spiritual life that is accessible to us all, […]