God, Self & Other – Luke 09: Jesus 1, Captivity 0 (Miracles in Capernaum)

Here we get a first, detailed look into Jesus’s ministry of healing and exorcism. (Luke has mentioned such activity in the past, but finally we get are given a description of an actual event.)  In this episode, regular contributor Rev. Ian Farrell demonstrates that there is much more to Jesus’s “healings” than mere demonstrations of divine power. […]

God, Self & Other – Luke 08: The Enduring (Un)Popularity of Prophets

Why did Jesus provoke such rage in his religious contemporaries? And why do we still often bristle ourselves at his words? While we imagine that one who brings God’s word of salvation would be warmly welcomed – at least by us! Yet history and the human condition reveal that we often “can’t handle the truth” […]

God, Self & Other – Luke 07: The Temptation to Other Loves (Jesus in the Wilderness)

Growth in love requires us to step into the unknown, to take the path of risk and dependence upon God. In this episode we look at Jesus’s 40-day journey into the wilderness. It is there he faces the temptation to other, easier “loves” (what are – in reality – false loves).  And it is there […]