The Dark Before the Dawn (Advent 2017), Part 02 – Israel on Trial

  Is God really a harsh judge, hovering in the heavens ready at any moment to accuse and punish? In this episode, we find ourselves jurors as God indeed places Israel on trial. And yet, even as God makes his case (airtight, we might add), we hear not the rage of a king before a […]

God, Self & Other – Luke 28: Go and Bless (the Sending of the 70)

Few words terrify the typical Christian like “evangelism.” It instantly conjures images of hellfire preachers on corners or, worse yet, the awkwardly forced conversation about Jesus with a “non-believing” friend (ugh!). It’s worth noting that Jesus did neither of these, nor asked it of his disciples. Jesus did, however, send. He sent ill-equipped, nervous followers […]

The Dark Before the Dawn (Advent 2017), Part 01 – The False Hope of False Gods

  Interrupting your regularly scheduled sermon from Luke with a sermon for Advent… Advent is the season of preparation for Jesus’s coming, a time to remember his birth in Bethlehem, yes, but primarily a time to remember that Jesus is coming again. In short, it is a time to get in touch with our need […]