God, Self & Other – Luke 28: Go and Bless (the Sending of the 70)

Few words terrify the typical Christian like “evangelism.” It instantly conjures images of hellfire preachers on corners or, worse yet, the awkwardly forced conversation about Jesus with a “non-believing” friend (ugh!). It’s worth noting that Jesus did neither of these, nor asked it of his disciples. Jesus did, however, send. He sent ill-equipped, nervous followers […]

God, Self & Other – Luke 27: A New Center of the World

As Jesus “sets his face toward Jerusalem” (i.e., resolves to force a confrontation with the religious authorities), the conflict that will lead to his crucifixion begins to take shape. It starts with a rejection of Jesus as he seeks to enter Samaria (located between the regions Galilee and Judea) and continues with Jesus’s rejection of […]

God, Self & Other – Luke 26: Whoever Is Not Against Us…

Who is really doing the work of the kingdom? Is it those who profess faith in Jesus? Is it the professing and pious? Those who work wonders in his name? Jesus’s answer is, once again…unexpected. And it – joyfully! – opens new door for our own work of love and for partnering with others. It […]