God, Self & Other – Luke 14: Healing on the Sabbath??? (When Love Breaks the Law)

What does it look like – in practice – to love God? In this episode we look at 3 events (Luke 6:1-16) that bring into sharp relief the distinction between Jesus and ┬áhis religious opponents (in this case, the often maligned Pharisees), particularly with regard to what it means to love God. Is love ultimately […]

God, Self & Other – Luke 13: Dinner with a Tax Collector (Jesus Calls the Apostle Levi [Matthew])

Jesus scandalizes his religious contemporaries by accepting an invitation to dine with Levi, a known tax collector (one who purchased the right to ” collect” – read “overcharge” – the taxes of their fellow Jews). The occasion reveals a fundamental clash of values, in which Jesus declares that God has come to rescue the “righteous” […]

God, Self & Other – Luke 12: “We Have Seen Strange Things…” (Resurrection, Part 1 – Jesus Heals a Paralytic)

Jesus’s miracles are never mere exhibitions of power, meant only to demonstrate his divine identity or access to power. While they do this, they are far more – they are embodiments of the Kingdom of God. In Jesus’s presence, an ailing creation is made whole, broken humanity made new. In this episode we look at […]