The Resurrection: Why I Actually Believe (Sermon)

There is probably no aspect of Christianity more difficult to accept intellectually than the bodily resurrection of Jesus.  And one could hardly be blamed for approaching the idea with complete skepticism.  It seems so much more plausible that the gospel accounts are speaking either metaphorically or just plain mistakenly.  Perhaps the authors desired to have us carry on as if Jesus were still with us (in the same way that Plato is or George Washington is)?  Or perhaps they themselves were victims of the limited understanding of their day (someone moved the body and they – shaped by Jewish expectation and mythology – chose to believe Jesus as raised from the dead)?  Many smart people have argued for this and I believe that every person of faith should.  I certainly have!  I don’t come to my faith in the resurrection – which I really do have – lightly, nor do I hold it unreflectively.  And yet, I do believe.  And in this sermon, preached the week after Easter (2012), I offer my top 2 reasons why.  I don’t offer them as proof or with any intent to convince.  Merely to share how I have some to believe as I do.  I hope it will be of some help in your journey of faith.


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