Understanding the Bible 12: God’s Promise of Restoration

Waiting is profoundly difficult; all the more so when you know the one you are waiting one is capable of acting immediately.  Yet this is God’s call to exiled Israel – to wait upon the Lord for the day of salvation (in this case release from captivity).

But this waiting is not to be passive – to wait around, biding time…  Rather, the people of God are called to make a home, indeed to work for the welfare of their captors (a profound foreshadowing of Jesus’ call to “love your enemies”).  Israel is to be about her vocation of restoration, even while she herself suffers and in that suffering doubts the promises of God.

In this episode, guest preacher extraordinaire, Rev. Ian Farrell, gives simultaneously funny and poignant look at Israel’s captivity in a foreign land.  And with it, he offers tremendous wisdom for waiting on God today.

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