Understanding the Bible 14.875: Christmas (Christmas Eve 2013)

There is no understanding the Bible without recognizing love at the center – or so I have been arguing from the first installment of this series.  The whole project of salvation is rooted in the love of God for his people and indeed all creation.

And I imagine that this is not so hard to believe as a matter of literary criticism or even theology. But how do we internalize this truth?  How do we own that we are loved by God in our bones?

For my part, I think one of the clearest looks at the love of God for us is given at Christmas – and not just in the humility of the incarnation (God willing to surrender the glory of heaven for a barn), but by the inherent intimacy that exists between parent and child.

In this episode – a short sermon on Christmas Eve – we look at the traditional nativity story (Luke 2:1-20) and get one of our most moving glimpses of the love of God.



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