Understanding the Bible 15: Jesus’s Story Begins

In our modern translations of the Bible, all one has to do to move from the Hebrew scriptures to the story of Jesus is turn a page – a action so simple it suggests the connection between the two “testaments” is obvious.  Of course the story of Jesus is connected to the story of Abraham, Moses, David, Isaiah…they are physically bound together!   The font is the same and everything. 

But the early church was well aware that the connection was not obvious to many of their contemporaries, especially many Jews.  Matthew, in particular – writing to a conservative, Jewish audience – took great pains to help bridge the stories, to demonstrate that the events of Jesus’s life are not only connected to Israel’s story of salvation, but the fulfillment thereof.

In this episode we look at Matthew’s presentation of the genealogy of Jesus – a passage that is very tempting to skim or skip entirely.  But the details Matthew includes are essential understanding precisely how Jesus is the means by which the promises of God will be kept.

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  1. ken standifer
    December 10, 2014

    Kirk, You ask for a musical version of the ancestors for Christ. Here is a link to a very good one. Enjoy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=snURV57_tjo


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