Understanding the Bible 25: A Case Study in Making a Difference!

This episode is guaranteed to make you SMILE!  And, if you’ll let it, it might just change your life.  Because today we hear the story of one, self-described “ordinary guy” who decided it was time to make the world a better place.  That guy is Todd Miller, co-founder (along with his lovely wife) of Global Grins, a non-profit that gives away toothbrushes all around the world.  

The Millers are not dentists, public health experts or managers of a foundation; nor did they hear the audible voice of God or receive a miraculous sign that this was their calling.  No…like 99.99% of the people who do wonderful good, they recognized the blessings they’d received,  reflected on their talents, experience and connections, and then put it to work for a cause that mattered to them.  Nearly a half-million toothbrushes later the world is better and they are – go figure – happier! And that is the central lesson of this episode:  Great good is done not by superheroes and “saints,” but by ordinary people who decide to put their unique set of talents, experiences and relationships to work solving the problems they care about (this is how the saints all became saints, btw).

So what is your dream???  If you had the magic wand and could start “fixing” what’s wrong with the world, what would be first on your list?  And do you really need a magic wand?  What would you do if we told you that 10 years from now you’d be a success without having to quit your day job or move to another part of the world (the Millers didn’t do either of these)?  Is there a group you’d join, an organization that needs your help?  Would you pioneer something new?  

So really, what is your dream? And what’s the first step?   I would LOVE to have you share.  You can send me an e-mail, or – better yet – post it on the Jesus at 2AM Facebook page!  Perhaps we can form some partnerships and at the very least we can be a community of support!

And if you are planning a trip – across town or across the world – Global Grins will send you, entirely for FREE, toothbrushes to give away.  They come in boxes of 100 individually wrapped brushes packaged to fit perfectly inside a suitcase (weighs 2 lbs).  Just send Todd an e-mail (tell him I sent you).  All you owe in return is the location of where you gave them away and a photo.  Now that’s a deal!  (And send me a copy of the photo, too!)


This sermon/interview was recorded at Canvas (a Presbyterian church in Irvine, CA), March 9th, 2014.  


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