Turning Theology into Church 06: Generosity

One of the surest signs an individual or community is following the Jesus way (of life) is that they possesses a thorough-going  spirit of generosity.  For them, it truly is better to give than to receive as they have every confidence that they will receive again.  Gifts are not to be clutched and hidden, but freely shared, as it is only by so doing that the full measure of their value is found.

In this episode (which forms the heart of the following series), we examine the biblical call to generosity not mainly as a demand of obedience, but as a the natural outgrowth of gratitude – as a response to grace.   In particular, we look at generosity in manners that go beyond the sharing of material goods.  While the Bible certainly calls us to material generosity, the gifts God bestows upon us go far beyond finances and possession (e.g., compassion, justice, reconciliation…).  It is as the church brings these to the world, that we experience for ourselves, the full joy of sharing in God’s project of love.



This is a sermon that was originally presented at Canvas (a Presbyterian church in Irvine, CA), November 23, 2014. To learn more about Canvas, click here!

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