Loving God 301, Part 8: A Cry for Vengeance – Psalm 69

ANGER_FullbodyAnger is a core human emotion – a healthy response to injustice. But like all primal responses, anger can turn on us in an instant, and what begins as a proper defensive impulse transforms into the desire for retribution, even revenge. And when it does, we transition from victim to perpetrator-in-the-making – a position we cannot take if we are to share in the divine work of loving evil out of existence.

But injustice is real, and anger is a necessary element of a mature life. Without it, no injustices would ever be confronted or corrected.  (And the NT contains many stories of Jesus himself being properly angry.)

In this episode, Mike Regele explores the experience of intense anger through the poetry of Psalm 69 and how voicing our anger to God – in all its passion and desire for vengeance – can bring us to consolation and stir God to restoration in  his way.


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