Loving God 301, Part 10: Finding Trust Amidst Doubt – Psalm 117

Why do we stay on this crazy path of faith? At least some part of me is always asking. And while my theology is of some help (it’s broken world, God is making all things new, faith will be vindicated at the end of the age…yadda, yadda), I sometimes need a more immediate and personal answer.  Perhaps even more, I need a short, cogent encapsulation of the truth that I can offer to myself in times of doubt.

In this episode, Jon Saur continues our honest exploration of the temptations and doubts by looking at Ps. 117.  

One of the shortest of the psalms, it nevertheless contains the deepest of truths. Why do we stay the course of faith? Because my heart of hearts knows that God is love. I have experienced that love in my own life. And my history says that God’s love will not fail.  So I will celebrate love even when circumstances are not going as I wish… 



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