Loving God 301, Part 13: God’s Response – Psalm 91

Does God respond to our prayers? For most of us the answer feels to be “no.” Or at least we feel no sense direct communication. We may see a change in circumstances that we attribute to God. Or we may have a sense of subtle direction.  But a clear, direct response? That seems like it never comes.

In the next series (Loving God, 401) we’ll look at ways that our direct connection to God can be nurtured (and our sense of divine response becoming clearer). But for now, we can look to the psalms not only for our pleas, but for God’s response.  And a key example of God’s response is found in Psalm 91.

While it may not speak to the specifics of our prayer, the message of God’s presence and protection is abundant.  So when you finish the plea of Psalm 86, turn to Psalm 91 and let God answer…


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