Loving God 401, Part 3: Thinky World-Affirmers (i.e., Kataphatic-Speculatives)

A cannoli at the Pantheon. Bliss!
Me and my pal Ryan having cannoli at the Pantheon.  Bliss!

We begin our study at the four basic attrait combinations (think “spiritual personality types”) with an in-depth look at the kataphatic-speculative quadrant. In short, these are people who relate to God primarily by means of connection to the created world (kataphatic) and for whom things need to “make sense” (speculative).

If you are listening to this podcast, odds are better than 50/50 you fall into this category (I do!).  Indeed the very need for an orderly approach to spirituality is a very “speculative” trait. And if you’d most like to listen to this on the way to your favorite museum or with a great wine, welcome to the kataphatic-speculative club! 


In this episode, we’ll look at the particular schools of spiritual formation that best fit the K-S attrait and what practices are likely to help us make progress and where we need to be disciplined lest our attrait lead us into sins of excess or arrogance.

Whether you are a kataphatic-speculative or not, you surely know many people who are, and this will help you both understand them and perhaps be able to offer some wisdom for the life of faith and the work of maturity in Christ.


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