Advent 4 – Peace of Mind and Peace on Earth

How one over-busy pastor remembers that you can’t be a part of peace on earth until you find peace within (and with God).

In this episode I take a pretty personal look at what to do when the internal angst is up, satisfaction with the state of the world is low and prayer feels impossible. Short answer is: back to basics – show up, meditate on the Gospels (make St. Ignatius proud) and wait for God to speak…

For me, the help came with a look at the story of the annunciation (Luke 1:26-38), aided by the painting of same by Leonardo da Vinci. It was there I was reminded of the gentleness of God (in the form of a bowing Angel Gabriel), who brings about peace on earth not with the sword (in the manner of every tyrant…ever), but with an infant….


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