Loving God 401, Part 10: Day in the Life of a Regular Saint

In this conclusion to our study classical Christian spiritual formation, we take all practices we have learned so far and put them together to get a picture of a typical day-in-the-life of one growing to maturity in Christ. What we discover is that the work of spiritual discipline is rarely burdensome nor heroic, and one need not move to a monastery or abandon career, family or fun to make  true progress!

Spiritual formation should be a standard – and surprisingly mundane – part of daily life. In the same way that we set aside time to eat and drink, get a little physical exercise and fold the laundry, so we set aside a few minutes a day for the office, a some time each week for worship, we bond with a community and take a break from busyness to discern God’s presence in our day. As we know our taste in art or the exercises that work best for our body, so we know our attrait and develop a rule of life accordingly. That rule is not onerous or stressful, but a helpful guide to our efforts.

And in the same way that any kind of steady investment pays increasing dividends, so we find with investment in loving God. If we are willing to “show up!” and keep at it, one day we discover that we have been dramatically transformed from the inside out  And while we may or may not ever be called by God to move a mountain or part a sea, true love at work in the world can make an incredible difference!

I hope this series has been genuinely helpful and always welcome any questions.

Additional special thanks to those who’ve recently joined me on social media! I’m grateful for the interaction and look forward to much more!

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