God, Self & Other – Luke 04: The Annunciation to Mary

The “annunciation” to Mary of Jesus’s birth is, at one level, a very gracious encounter between God and a young girl – the divine revelation that, with Mary’s permission, she will be the means through which God’s messiah enters into creation. And it involves one of the great miracles of the biblical story – the pregnancy of a virgin.

But the drama of this story goes vastly deeper as Luke draws together many strands of the Hebrew prophets to demonstrate that the child to be born is himself the fulfillment of the promise of salvation. This is the first declaration of imminence of the kingdom of God, a kingdom that will be a direct threat to the kings of this age.

In this episode our pal, Mike Regele, examines the details of the Angel Gabriel’s annunciation to Mary and how it sets the stage for the ministry of Jesus that is about to unfold.

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