God, Self & Other – Luke 11: Love Beyond Every Boundary (Healing a Man with Leprosy)

If you’ve ever wondered how far the grace of God extends, the short answer is: beyond every imaginable barrier and boundary.

In this episode we look at Luke 5:12-16 – a short, but dramatic, encounter between Jesus and a man afflicted with leprosy. In the ancient world, few conditions were more feared or carried greater stigma. And Judaism held strict rules about contact between lepers and literally everyone else. Yet Jesus crosses every prohibition of fear and piety to take confer healing to a child of God in need. It is a first glimpse of what theologians refer to as “the great exchange” – Jesus taking what is ours (the curse of sin) and making it his, taking what is his (shalom) and making it ours. 

To anyone who has ever thought themselves “too far gone” to be welcomed by God, this is yet another reminder that there is no such condition.


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