God, Self & Other – Luke 12: “We Have Seen Strange Things…” (Resurrection, Part 1 – Jesus Heals a Paralytic)

Jesus’s miracles are never mere exhibitions of power, meant only to demonstrate his divine identity or access to power. While they do this, they are far more – they are embodiments of the Kingdom of God. In Jesus’s presence, an ailing creation is made whole, broken humanity made new.

In this episode we look at a profound moment in Jesus’s ministry – the healing of a man afflicted by paralysis and a demonstration of paradigmatic example of faith (in the acts of the man’s friends). The afflicted man is, of course, healed and in ways that foreshadow the greater Kingdom this is yet to come. 

This sermon was originally preached on Easter Sunday 2016 – just in case you were looking for an Easter sermon in mid-June.  😉

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