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Understanding the Bible
Many of us know pieces of the Bible well, but have only a vague sense of how they fit together. In this detailed series, we trace the narrative arc of scripture to understand God’s project of loving creation back to wholeness.

 Modern Church History
A look at Protestantism from its birth in 1521 through the late 20th century. If you want to know why the church of today looks, thinks and acts as it does, this is the series for you!

EXODUS: Lessons in Faith
The book of Exodus tells the story of God shaping a people – transforming Israel into the community through which God would bring salvation to all creation. Join us as we, too, learn to trust God in all things.

Loving God 101
Can one have actual relationship with God? Really? The short answer is: yes! And we are heirs of a rich tradition of spiritual practice that can get us there. This series introduces the key elements of that tradition and how to begin shaping your spiritual life.

Loving God 201
What role does our willpower play in our spiritual practice? We can’t will ourselves to be more loving (that is a work of God). But we can make some basic commitments that will have a dramatic effect on our progress. In this series we look at the “rules” of the spiritual life.

Loving God 301
Prayer is a practice that can (must?) be learned. In this series we examine the language of prayer and and how we bring the full range of human experience to God.

Loving God 401
The conclusion of our Loving God series, these lessons focus on shaping a spiritual practice that is specific to you. From understanding your spiritual personality-type to crafting a “rule of life,” this is where all the pieces come together.

unORTHODOX: The 10 Heresies the Church Can’t Quit
One of the best ways to learn healthy theology is to study the ways it goes wrong. In this series we examine 10 classical heresies of Christianity and why it is that they never quite go away.

Gospel of Luke – God, Self & Other
This is a detailed look at the story of Jesus and how to interpret it (and the vision of love that emerges!). If you’ve ever wondered what it looks like to truly love God, self and other…here it is with scholarship and heart.

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