About Kirk…

Kirk Winslow is pastor of Canvas (a Fresh Expression of the Presbyterian Church USA) in Irvine, CA. Once in a while Fuller Theological Seminary is crazy enough to let him teach preaching to the next generation of pastors. But mainly he’s a guy with a serious caffeine addiction, an unhealthy affection for studying things and late-night conversation (see “caffeine” above).

Having sworn a public oath during his theological studies to never be clergy, he was promptly thrown into the role – from which he has yet to escape. Indeed, they keep digging him in further (he just ended his term as moderator of the Presbytery of Los Ranchos). Fortunately, he has come to like it there. And he is madly in love with the Canvas project.

His main mission in life is to share as much of the amazing stuff he’s learned as he can, the most important lesson of which is that love is the name of the game.

He enjoys nothing more than trying to make theology, biblical studies, church history and spiritual formation make a little more sense.

When not yammering away about some awesome lecture he just heard or book he just discovered, you can find him dreaming of racing cars, hanging out at his favorite cafe, or planning that trip to Italy.

He is married to Emily, who all agree is far too good for him.

Someday he will get his act together and publish that book. Until then, a group of people has teamed up and pressured him into podcasting and writing the occasional blog post.

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