Now Podcasting!

Continuing my journey into the world of blogging, I’m setting up a podcast.  Mostly I’ll be loading recordings of courses I teach, but as I get more used to the process I’ll hopefully be able to add some special episodes and perhaps even an interview or two.

Please bear with me as I figure out the technology.  The behind the scenes stuff comes with a whole new vocabulary and a giant set of checkboxes.  I plan to wreak some havoc for a while, so if the internet crashes, you’ll know whom to blame.

First up will be my latest IPC course:  Next Steps into the Gospels.

This is actually an introductory course on the synoptic gospels (Matthew, Mark and Luke) trying to understand the message and ministry of Jesus.  If you’ve ever felt as though Jesus is inconsistent, frustrating, or just plain confusing, I think this will help a great deal.

In the course we’ll examine the world of 1st century Judaism into which Jesus’ entered, how to interpret his message of the kingdom of God, his teaching, his use of parables, and his acts of power.  We’ll also look at the crucifixion both historically and theologically and how the church understands the resurrection.

I hope it’s of help!


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