Loving God 401, Part 4: Experiencing God in the World (i.e., Kataphatic-Affectives)

Hugo records his intro to episode 125

Just as some people need faith to make intellectual sense, so others need to feel it – to have the emotional experience of God’s presence, to know in the manner of the heart and not the head. These are the “affectives.” (And all of us are affective to a degree, some just more so than others.)

In this episode we explore the affective side of spiritual practice, particularly for those who relate to God by means of the senses and the created world (nature, art, music, food…) – those on the “kataphatic” side of the spectrum. Indeed there are whole schools of Christian spirituality and prayer developed by and for the kataphatic-affectives.

If you’ve ever struggled to build a consistent set of spiritual practices that felt right to you, that fit your style and personality, this series is for you.


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