unORTHODOX, Part 05: Jesus Saves…Us from God??? (Marcionism)

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How are we to understand the forgiving and compassionate ministry of Jesus against the backdrop of Torah and some of the harsh punishments demanded by God of sinners?

An answer offered by Marcion of Sinope (2nd cent.) was simply that there exits 2 deities – essentially a harsh God of the Hebrews and a more compassionate God of Jesus. And while most of us would quickly reject Marcionism when presented this way, it turns out many of our views of salvation – and indeed our worship – are quite Marcionite!

The texts for this sermon are: Lev. 24:10-23 (NRSV), Matt. 5:38-48 (NRSV) and Rom. 7:4-25 (NRSV).
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